100% money back guarantee

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You might be concerned about buying over the internet, or what the final printed result will be. That’s why we have a 100%, no questions asked, money back guarantee.
100% money back guarantee

We want to ensure that every customer only has positive things to say about us. If you have a problem, just return the product within 7 days and we’ll fix the problem by either sending you another canvas, or refunding the purchase price as we deem appropriate. It may not be our fault, but it’s all our responsibility!

When purchasing an item that includes a delivery charge, it is generally accepted that any delivery charges are not included in any refund.

With Genius, if a canvas needs to be returned because of a problem caused by ourselves, we’ll refund the total order price, including delivery charges. If we are sending out another canvas instead of providing a refund, we’ll also pay for the shipping of the replacement canvas. We will likely ask that you return the faulty canvas to us (at our expense) via registered post / courier before we provide a refund / replacement. Please contact us first before sending any product back.

On the other hand, if your are just not happy with the result through no fault of ours, then you’ll need to pay for the return of the canvas and we’ll refund the total price of the product less any delivery charges from the original order. If we are sending out another canvas instead of providing a refund, you’ll need to pay for our delivery costs.

In either case, it is your responsibility to ensure the canvas arrives safely back to us. If Australia Post or the courier loses the item and you don’t have any tracking number or insurance then we will likely not be able to refund / replace.

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