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Genius Printing fills the gap between the high-priced, ’boutique’ canvas and paper print suppliers and the low-end products sold by national retailers. We offer high-end results for canvas prints and photographic and fine art printing at the lowest prices in Australia – and combine this with top-level customer service. We quickly made our product available in all states due to huge demand for our product and service.


We compete on price and quality by buying the highest quality supplies in bulk and minimising overheads.


We compete on choice by giving you complete control over what level of product you want, along with an array of options to customise your product.


We compete on simplicity by implementing the Smart Uploader from SmartProof

(http://geniusprinting.com.au/). Using it is a breeze and everything is fully explained by the Genius Printing website.


Last but certainly not least we compete on service by providing help at every turn – live online help, email, phone calls.


We employ enthusiasm, not people

Genius Printing employs staff from both the creative and technical fields. Combined, our staff have a proven track record in large format printing, colour correction, design and canvas stretching. For example, all the printing, laminating, stretching and packaging is done in-house, which is part of keeping costs down and quality high.


We think that staff satisfaction and enthusiasm is essential in providing a quality product. All of our staff are switched on, enthusiastic and actually care about creating your product for you. Each canvas, photo, and Acrylic Ice™ that we print is printed with the same attention to detail that we would use on a print for ourselves.


A canvas art print is more than just a product – it’s a service

One of Genius Printing’s goals is to make purchasing a canvas print, photo print or Acrylic Ice™ print as easy and as enjoyable as possible. Not only does using the SmartUploader make placing an order a breeze, but it links directly in with our systems here. That means that we can ship products out far faster and keep costs down all at the same time.


We write our own systems, develop image manipulation methods, design our own websites and databases. This means we’re in complete control of our service delivery to you and can respond quickly to problems and evolve our systems to keep up with your requirements.


Customers come first, second and last

Customer service in Australia is overall very poor. We all know the feeling of being kept on hold, being told something will happen but it doesn’t and to receive no more than an apology when something goes wrong.


In everything we do, in every staff member we employ, in every system that we develop and in every canvas, photo print and Acrylic Ice™ that we ship, our customer’s needs come first and foremost. We take 100% responsibility for problems and that’s why we have 100% positive feedback from our customers.


You can contact us via email at info@geniusprinting.com.au

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